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After starting my own company and pursuing a lifelong passion of photography and exploration, I was trying to make my way in an incredibly inundated and competitive industry. I used my creative spirit to develop my exclusive

'Direct-to-Wood'™ Original Photography Art Prints as a way to stand out in this industry. Photography as an art form seems to be done the ‘same old way’ across the board and over influenced by artificial enhancements.  Drawing on my deep love for the beautiful area I grew up in and seeing too much waste, too much ‘commercialized art’ and the ‘same old thing’ at the big box stores… I developed a stronger desire to be unique, to stand out as a Photographer and an Artist, as well as a small, local business.

"We have a commitment to utilizing as many artists, creative’s and fellow small business owners as possible and relevant. Amielya Kaenne Creations has been built on the strong values of respect, responsibility to community and a collaborative spirit. I have made a committed effort to bring you the best and most authentic products possible. I have a deep commitment to the U.S.A. and the products made here by Americans for Americans. I am a small town girl, a country girl and I believe small and locally owned businesses are the way to build strong communities.

“You turn the tide by turning the first corner.” AKC

On my travels and adventures I have been able to capture, in their natural state, some of the most beautiful scenery and landscape in the Western United States and BEYOND. My Original Landscape and Scenic Photography has been minimally edited… no Photo Shop, no ‘morphing software’ and no ‘drastic’ editing. I believe the natural elements and the spirit of the moment should be the ‘focus’ of each photograph… I try not to make it be what I think it should be or what will win photography contests. I try to capture and accentuate the natural beauty of that scene, in that moment… It may never be that exact way again.” AKC


‘Direct-to-Wood™ Original Photography Art Prints’ by Amielya Kaenne Creations “A Statement Piece that Says All the Right Things.” ‘Direct-To-Wood’™

Original Photography Art Prints are 100% Unique and Exclusive to Amielya Kaenne Creations & We use All Reclaimed Cedar & Barn Wood which is sourced locally. Every piece is constructed by hand, in house and with 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. Materials & Components. Each piece of wood is touched at least 25 times and each piece of wood is hand selected to construct the perfect final product. This attention to detail is to ensure that the Original Image, from & Photographer Amy K. Cords/Amielya Kaenne Creations selected for display is perfectly suited to the wood pieces based on size, texture and orientation. Each finished ‘Direct-to-Wood™ Original Photography Art Print’ is branded with the AKC logo, heat branded ‘Made in the U.S.A. and numbered in the limited series of 100 productions. Each piece has its own label affixed to the back, that details the Photographs Title & Artist info. We also include a brief story or description of the scene. This may be a simple location and explanation, or more often is a narration of the scene in which this moment in time was captured. This provides our clients with a more personalized connection to the image. In addition, each piece is accompanied by a ‘Monkey Hook’ and easy hanging instructions. The possibilities and design options of ‘Direct-to-Wood™ Original Photography Art Prints’ are practically endless with size, orientation, materials and printing options. This lends to the products inherently creative spirit and keeps it interesting and unique. This will never be a ‘mass produced’ product or found at your ‘Big Box’ store. The goal of this product and our company is to keep our productions small and on a limited availability. This gives our clients and customers a truly unique art piece that will be relevant and treasured for years to come.

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‘Direct-to-Wood™ Original Photography Art Prints

By Amielya Kaenne Creations

•100% sourced and constructed locally, by hand

•100% Made in the U.S.A. product w/ MADE IN THE U.S.A. Components

•All Reclaimed Cedar & Barn Wood *Not Pallet Wood, so they are 100% non-toxic & naturally remediated*

•All Original & Limited Production Images

•Not a transfer, this is a Direct Print™

• 4 Standard Sizes, in 2 Orientations

•Custom Large Scale Pieces

• Furniture, Cabinetry & Door Applications

•Indoor and Outdoor Use and Display

•All pieces are custom branded, signed & numbered •Durable, Timeless and Classic.

•Excellent for private & public spaces, Residential & Commercial; light weight, easily secured for display, can be displayed in any light (Natural or Artificial)

•No Reflection and Will Not Fade, Yellow or Degrade w/ time or environment like prints and canvas

•Natural Wood product acts as a Great sound absorber/buffer *great for public spaces, large rooms with high capacity & industrial design elements

•Title Plaque affixed, complete w/ Image Storey &Easy-to-Hang‘MonkeyHook’

•Custom Pieces and Commissioned Work are available to tailor Individual Needs, Décor Styles & Themes Personalized Photography Shoots and Commissioned Work Available

• Family Photos and Private Property Shoots

• High School Senior Photos

• Families, Couples & Groups

• Event, Club and Association Photography

• Great Deals on Multiple ‘Direct-to-Wood™’ Orders

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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